Exhibition December 1-16th 2018

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Exhibition December 1-16th 2018

Busy** painting and drawing and writing cards for this local exhibition , which is the only one in the area this year. I have decided on a title:



Galerie La Carrée, 19 rue des Capucines, 46700 Puy L’Eveque

everyday 14.30 6 18.00  Dec 1 – 16th

**I can’t manage any classes now until 2019.

Haras, near Lectoure

The inspiration for this painting was a visit two years ago to the Haras of a friend, there was all the paraphernalia of riding, horses and family in a lovely stone building. The life was both inside and outside, the light outside beckoned…..

mysterious alley

In Albi, there is an alleyway where you tread in the steps of many who went before. I was glad there was electric light as well as daylight, an interesting space and atmosphere to experience. I love all the different textures and the many directions the light comes from.
This is a small oil on board 40 x 30 cm.

EN FRANCAIS: video interview at my “atelier”

The September 2014 issue of the local Lotois cultural magazine, La Roulotte, carried an article about me. Along with this they put a short video interview with me on their web site. It is French but you may notice my English accent!
It is also on YouTube:

Buying paintings on a bike

B and B guests popped in to see the atelier and walked out with a 70 x 50 painting on wood, (actually they had to come back for it). An unexpected bonus for us both.2 red bedroom ceneviereslg_7444

The wandering mind of the butcher’s daughter – art installation

YouTube video of my “Errances” (Wandering) exhibit at Goujoun’art 2014.

Solo exhibition announced in Paris

Talking to Martine Moisan of Galerie Moissan in the fabulous covered arcade which is Galerie Vivienne (just opposite the Bibliotheque National) I think I was offered a solo show, well she asked if I wanted one and I said yes. Of course details will have to be sorted but I hope it works out.

Press link to see the fab interior at Galerie Vivienne