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While president of the association of artists in the area I was also Commissaire d’exposition for the theme of ‘Reflections’ in the de-consecrated chapel, ‘Les Cordeliers’ in Gourdon , Lot, SW France. Although not primarily an installation the hanging and placement of the artists work was of prime importance to me.

For my personal artistic contribution I wanted to use the history of the Franciscan monastery, it’s religious roots and working with the poor and the focusing on the vulnerability of the humans who inhabited the space. I reflected the building and it’s inhabitants. I hung the works one above the other to use the height and incorporated the form of the windows and the light on the walls in one of the pastel paintings. Youth and age was represented. I worked with Alex Parish again to produce a piece of music for the exhibition, recording sounds in the church which he wove into a composition.

You can watch a video of the exhibition with extracts of the music on the web site of the association if you follow this link.


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